We have developed Single Element Raman Thermometry

In a collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories, we have developed Single Element Raman Thermometry, a new implementation of Raman thermometry is presented having lower uncertainty while also reducing the time and hard- ware needed to perform the experiment.  The details of this development our outline in our publication in Review of Scientific Instruments (Review of Scientific Instruments 84, 064903 (2013)).  The experimental platform was developed by Chris Saltonstall, a PhD candidate at U.Va. that is co-advised by Patrick and Associate Dean Pam Norris, while Chris was a graduate student intern at Sandia National Laboratories.  We collaborated with Drs. Justin Serrano and Thomas E. Beechem at Sandia on this project.

This work was partially supported by the National Science Foundation (CMMI Grant No. 1229603).

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