ExSiTE Group

Welcome to the homepage of the ExSiTE Group (Experiments and Simulations in Thermal Engineering), Professor Patrick Hopkins’ Research Group at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.   Our interests are in energy transport, charge flow, and photonic interactions with condensed matter, soft materials, liquids, vapors and their interfaces.  We use various optical thermometry-based experiments to measure the thermal conductivity, thermal boundary conductance, thermal accommodation, strain propagation and sound speed, and electron, phonon, and vibrational scattering mechanisms in a wide array of bulk materials and nanosystems.

Student Publication: Ordering effects on the thermal transport mechanisms in FePt metallic alloy thin films – Congrats Ash


ExSiTE Group members by The Dell on Grounds at the University of Virginia

September 2015

Front (L to R): Prof. Patrick Hopkins, Mallory DeCoster, Kelsey Meyer, Dr. Lei Wang, Sofie Ravesteijn, Jeffery Braun, Chester Szwejkowski

Back (L to R): Ashutosh Giri, Brian Donovan, Dr. Ramez Cheaito, Brian Foley, Dr. John Gaskins

Photo courtesy of Tom Daly Photography