ExSiTE Lab

Welcome to Patrick E. Hopkins’ research group homepage. Patrick is a Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Virginia, with courtesy appointments in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Department of Physics. Our group’s interests are in energy transport and coupled photonic interactions with condensed matter, soft materials, liquids, vapors, plasmas and their interfaces.  We use various optical thermometry-based experiments to measure the thermal conductivity, thermal boundary conductance, thermal accommodation, strain propagation and sound speed, optical properties, and electron, phonon, vibrational and polaritonic scattering mechanisms in a wide array of bulk materials and nanosystems. Patrick is the director of the ExSiTE Lab (Experiments and Simulations in Thermal Engineering) at UVA.

Group Member Publication: Enhanced spatial resolution of defect diffusion in environmental barrier coatings through micron scale thermal conductivity mapping – Congrats Dr. Hans Olson (and congrats Hans on a successful PhD defense!!)

ExSiTE Group end of semester virtual dinner party, December 2020

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